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IT Standard: Web Development Description: The purpose of this standard is always to aid programmers and administrators of campus internet purposes by giving recommendations and standards for use throughout the internet software development approach. For the reasons of the IT Security Standards, a request means any request that joins to a college network or even the Internet and that dynamically welcomes user feedback. This process should add a recorded acceptance approach, a reported change management plan, security vulnerability testing, suitable software program testing, and a revision-control technique. Related Coverage: Launch: Departments that service, and retain produce website programs should combine these purposes to be ensured by techniques are documented throughout their existence and appropriately handled -cycleese methods include: Official certification and agreement of the net program throughout its lifecycle from preliminary suggestion through deployment to your creation environment Authorization functions and conventional change-management that include divorce of responsibilities and Proper paperwork for screening procedures, including: testing for security vulnerabilities User acceptance that is proper Usage of a version control system

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